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In all the services provided by our company we dedicate diligence, agility and care. We have developed an exclusive service to our clients in order to establish a successful partnership. For this to happen we have a great team that is focused on solving any eventualities, And ensure quality in all processes and services provided.

Recognition Award 2016 - Portugal

Emidio de Jesus Martins and Anaisa dos Santos Morais, he from the village of Milhao, she from the village of Failde, married in Bragança and migrated to Brazil, arriving in the port of Santos in the year 1958. Like all immigrants did not choose work, And in pursuit of the dream of "winning in life" in Brazilian lands, ended up having a vegetable stall at the fair in the city of São Paulo.

With a lot of work and always as a restless spirit of merchant and entrepreneur, the business evolved into several tents at the fair and a fruit and vegetable trade, in a small warehouse that they had in front of the house where they lived...

The immigrant never ceased to love his land, and in this restlessness within his heart, and realizing that the two fresh products coming from his land to Brazil, Pera Rocha and Chestnut Transmontana, presented a generally very low quality, He in 1991 decided to change it, and he gathered all possible financial resources, bought a ticket and went to Portugal. In Lisbon he sought an accountant and opened an Exporter named Emidio de Jesus Martins - Importer - Exporter based in the house of the Sister, who still lives in Lisbon.
With this step made, it went to the region of the West in search of a Rock Quality Pear to send to Brazil, and in Bragança with the fresh Chestnut. He visited practically all the pear plants of the time, and one of them managed to buy the desired Pears of Excellence. This center was Frutos, and who received Mr. Emidio were Antonio Nazario and Armando Torres Paulo.

He made the first purchases with payment in sight, and chose the famous Pera SUPREMAS caliber 70/75 and 75/80, for sending of plane, realizing the embarkation by containers as well. At that moment the money was gone and Mr. Emidio came to Brazil. The following year Mr. Emidio returns to Portugal again, and looks for Frutus again and meets Antonio Nazario again...
He also, with a restless spirit, seeks to understand better what was behind that simple, true immigrant ... and practically invited himself to come to Brazil, and to know what was behind the real intentions of Mr. Emidio.

Antonio Nazario came to Brazil, stayed at Mr. Emidio's house, and went to know the market ... and he really realized that there was a market with a potential the size of Brazil for Pera Rocha.
Mr. Emidio together with his son Antonio Carlos became the Representatives of Antonio Nazario to Brazil in the year 1993/1994. Understanding the real needs of the market and the desire of the consumer, we completely altered the entire carton model, making the bulk, bucket boxes sized for each caliber, and creating a high quality standardization, and that desire and vision of Mr. Emidio was Finally materialized in the fruits sent by the newly created Vitalpera. From this point forward I believe that everyone knows where these facts have brought us, through our beloved Pera Rocha.